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What Is Intuitive Design?

Intuitive Design means designing Holistic Interiors that take ALL aspects of your life/environment into account; including psychological, physical and social, and seeing them as an energetic and interdependent whole. It’s integrated, so every aspect of your life points back to your home base and is filtered through your Holistic Design Plan. This approach works to balance the home and a well-balanced home is a key tool to promote peace, harmony and stability in your life and in your world. To help with this concept, you may also want to refer to our Mission Statement.

What are the potential benefits of Intuitive Design?

  • a beautiful AND peaceful, comfortable, well-balanced home
  • facilitated communication
  • release of energy blocks & increase in chi flow
  • increased feeling of well-being
  • better sleep
  • ease of tension & stress
  • improved critical thinking
  • support around major life changes
  • a sense of inner balance
  • an increased sense of self
  • clarity & vision about how to reach your goals
  • professional development & business growth
  • bringing love, prosperity, health into your life

What is involved in an Introductory Session?

Please read the information on our Services page

How is Intuitive Design a good value?

We believe that Integrated Design should always be a good investment. Here are some examples of how this shows up in our work.

  1. we always look for furnishing solutions that are a wise investment. If they are expensive/Vintage then we look for a potential resale value down the line (we regularly sell Vintage furnishings for clients for even more than we originally paid for them). If they are less expensive that is by design and meant to recycle in a few years. Either way your financial well-being is always kept in mind so that later down the line, when you want to change your plans, you have options.
  2. when/if it comes to staging a home for sale, if your place looks AND FEELS energetically and visually balanced, the pundits will recognize this, and respond well. On several occasions, thus far, we’ve had the honour of being directly credited with increasing the offer price to 20-35% above asking purely because of the superior look & feel of the property
  3. it has been our experience that when the home/space has been holistically balanced and integrated, you will feel yourself personally to be more balanced and integrated; everything coming into visual & energetic alignment for your short/long term goals. We help guide you into full-presence in your life and then, once balanced, other things begin to show up and take over from there. This is always a good investment, as it’s an investment in YOU!

Can a grounded-opulence design solution be kid/dog friendly and still function for an important business/social event?!

Yes! That’s the whole point of grounded-opulence, silly bunny! We have a wealth of experience with the newest fabrics & finishes that provide protection from life’s little accidents.  Ava Suren Interiors: ID will even suggest steps to improve the chances of a successful outcome to said business/social events!

Your Services/Process page is written for the individual. How do you work with a group/family?

A family dynamic is sometimes full of strife because the family members aren’t fully understanding exactly who they are and what they want, and they sense this. Even if they’ve done the work to feel like they DO know, they often are in a situation whereby they don’t feel heard around who that may be. The Integrated Design Plan takes a look at each individual and then, in a separate report, the group as a whole, and makes suggestions about how to allow the individuals in question to work better together. Group & Family services are available by quotation.

What is contained in my Integrated Design Plan? (you say all aspects of my life are considered in the Integrated Design Plan, what do you mean?)

An Integrated Design Plan contains information on all of the elements needed to address your particular situation. Let’s say your teen is experiencing stress around school & relationships, and well, everything, and you & your husband just can’t get your heads around how to help, and by the way…his room really is a mess. After an Introductory Session goes more into depth an Integrated Design Proposal may recommend something along the lines of:

  • an”experiential” design solution for your teen where we work together to create a fully engaging solution for his environment, using colours, objects, projection, lighting, furnishings, electronics solutions, etc.
  • a life coach recommendation, that specializes in teens, to help line up goals and identify steps to take to get there (that don’t feel threatening because they haven’t come from you)
  • a feng-shui practioner recommendation & coordination of treatment in association with the design that allows for a healthy atmosphere, especially around electronics in the bedroom (the solutions would then be incorporated into the design in a non-offensive way)
  • a recommendation for an Applied Kinesiologist to help with the soccer injury to his knee, and by the way, to have him look into your husband’s persistent lower back ache.
  • a design suggestion for the family room that may include something like clearing up and making more “family oriented” a particular corner or area

The above recommendations would be presented as a Holistic and loving way to make the home a more well-regulated and peaceful environment for all.

I've already spent quite a lot of money on a Designer, do I have to completely start from scratch?!

Absolutely not! Not only do we always consider your budget throughout the process, but also, the Integrated Design Plan is just that, a plan. You can choose to implement the plan at your own pace. And when it comes to furnishings, using existing furnishings and supplementing/redistributing is actually our specialty!

How Much Does an Introductory Session Cost?

Every project is different because every property and project size is different. The cost of your session is tailored to meet your specific needs and the size of your space. Once we make initial contact and a few questions are answered, we will quote your session cost. The base fee covers an individual, with Families & Groups quoted as a small upgrade per additional person.  We don’t offer a “free” consultation service per se, but we are happy to spend time discussing your project with you, either over the phone or via email for no charge, prior to scheduling a visit.

We provide services without travel fees for most communities in the Greater Los Angeles area, as we are based in Mailbu. Travel outside Los Angeles will be quoted accordingly. Occasional work/personal travel (especially to Europe) allows sessions to be available outside of Los Angeles. Please contact us for details.

How much do Interior Design Services Cost?

Interior Design Services will be quoted separately as part of your Integrated Design Plan.

I know I need change but don't know where to start! Can you help?!

Yes! At Ava Suren Interiors: ID we are committed to helping you to find your bliss! We have the resources to be able to look broadly and objectively at the big picture and then hone in on and aggregate the specific details that will lead to a plan for lasting overall change in the form of Holistic Balance & Integration.

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