Ava Suren Interiors: ID (Integrated Design) is, in categorical terms, a design firm. But our approach is what defines us. We consider design an integral part of life. Our holistic interiors are designed with grounded-opulence: rich colours, textures & energies of a space and the objects within it, all dynamically integrating with the person(s) inhabiting it. Harmonious, peaceful, visually stunning and grounded in who you are. It’s Interior Design on a deeper level: blending person property & possessions, all in correct alignment.

Ava Suren Interiors: ID Owner/Designer Jenny Brennan is known for her depth of presence as well as her positive & holistic approach to life. Jenny originally enjoyed an award-winning career in Advertising and Documentary; Producing & eventually Directing. A shift in her own life led to her to realize that helping guide people to self-discovery is her true calling.

From a global perspective, Jenny works on projects from New York to L.A., London to Berlin. It’s holistic design that supports all that you are and all that you want to become. Integrating health, wealth, love, and occupation to create an environment of peace & fulfillment, through design.