Ava Suren Interiors: ID is, in categorical terms, an interior design firm. However, our approach is what truly defines us. We consider design an integral part of life and life an integral part of design. ID equals Integrated Design.

Our holistically designed interiors are created with grounded-opulence: rich colours, textures & energies of a space and the objects within it, all dynamically integrating with the person(s) inhabiting it. Harmonious, peaceful, visually stunning and taking into consideration who you are and who you want to become. It’s mindful Interior Design: blending person(s), property & possessions, all in energetic synthesis.

Ava Suren Interiors: ID is the brainchild of Jenny Brennan, an Award-winning Commercial Producer who found her way into Interior Design, Life Coaching & Autistic energy work. These diverse and rewarding experiences led her to understand the key relationship between the energy of the environment and the behaviour of the individual. This, in turn, became the foundation for the creation of Ava Suren Interiors: ID, where the aesthetic is driven by environments that are grounded yet with élan. Our spaces may satisfy the most design particular among us, but can at the same time be psychologically and environmentally nourishing.

At Ava Suren Interiors: ID, the Style that’s curated for you resonates with the very core of your being. You’ll have a design partner who listens without prejudice, draws from a wealth of experience and hears you on a deep/global level. We believe in creating integrated surroundings from which you derive gratitude, peace and joy. And can therefore go out into your world embodying the same.


Jenny Brennan lives in Topanga Canyon, surrounded by grounded-opulence, with her Lab/Dane George.