Ava Suren Interiors: ID (Intuitive Design) is a full-service Interior Design Firm located in Malibu, CA, and focused on high-end residential projects and boutique-style commercial spaces worldwide. Our owner and designer is Jenny Leimbrook. Our mission is to create environments that you feel connected to, nourished by and joyful in. Intuitive Interior Design means designing holistic interiors that take ALL aspects of your personality and needs into account; including psychological, physical and social, and seeing them as an energetic and interdependent whole. It’s integrated, so every aspect of your life points back to your home base and is filtered through your Holistic Design Plan. This “healing through design” approach works to balance the home, and a well-balanced home promotes peace, harmony and stability in your life and in your world.

“for whatever you broadcast into the field, is your experiment with destiny…

Dr. Joe Dispeza

Your journey with Ava Suren Interiors: ID begins with filling out the contact form or just picking up the phone and calling (if you prefer that kind of thing). We don’t offer a free consultation service per se, but we are happy to spend time discussing your project with you, either over the phone or via email.

All design projects start with an Introductory Session. This is where we start to get to know you, read the energies, hear about your design project & personal goals/dreams and then go away and prepare a detailed proposal for moving forward.

Although not “new” this is an evolving concept, so I have addressed my process during the Introductory Session in detail below.

Upon booking your session, we will send an email with instructions for session preparation. Your session will be with me, Jenny Leimbrook, and this is how I work:


I start with YOU! I want to know everything! I will listen, ask questions, hear everything you’d like to say and see everything you’d like to show me. No area need be off-limits, even if you think it has NOTHING to do with Design. Because everything has to do with everything! We may find ourselves delving into topics like family, relationships, sex-life, finances, stress, career choices, work/life balance, children, animal-children, health. The more open we can be, the more beneficial your results will likely be. I listen without prejudice and take your privacy very seriously


After a period of time together, I will ask to explore on my own for a bit. This is where I will observe, take notes & photos throughout the home or in agreed upon areas. This helps inform my proposal and gives me a clear energy reading. During this time, I’d like you to sit comfortably and journal or scribble notes to yourself about any observations you’ve had up to this point in our conversation: anything that’s come up that you find interesting in ANY way. As you do this, I will be percipiently reading your home; recognizing functions, feeling energy, divining information, understanding lifestyle, dreams. Interpreting furnishings, art, objects, colours, design, comfort, and lighting through the prism of what I can feel/see and what you’ve told/shown me.


As I read your space, I take everything into account. I am funneling the information in, processing and channeling the design & energetic solutions, thoughts or questions back out. My experience of a reading is like a connection to all things past, present & future. Afterward we will reconvene (I will estimate the time according to scope of your project), and I will clarify with more questions, and get your initial thoughts (which sometimes bring up some interesting elements/questions). Within a week I will deliver your Integrated Design Plan, a proposal about my findings and suggestions for ways to move forward.


Should you choose to move forward with your Design Plan, we operate much like a traditional design firm, but with everything being guided through the filter of your Integrated Design Plan, incorporating YOU in every step. We start with Mood Boards, culling from the vast worldwide resources available to us and leaving no stone unturned in an effort to bring you truly unusual and bespoke solutions. During your project, we source from the finest in multiple disciplines. We will employ just the right methods to soothe the issues. We will be clever with budget, buying from IKEA just as readily as Vintage, custom as readily as mass-produced—whatever aligns with your Plan. In some cases, we will bring in our team of trusted and vetted professional consultants. I act as the hub of these various services/remedies and make sure the employment of them runs smoothly and to the end result identified in your Integrated Design Plan. Your unique proposal will combine various recommendations: Design-driven, Holistic, Alternative & Cutting Edge all in one.

end results

My overall aim is not only a beautiful design visually, but also that we are able to make it feel like your space energetically. Ideally, once we work together, you will sort of “resonate” with your curated environment. This sort of Energetic Synthesis will be designed to be supportive of desired changes in your life.