Ava Suren SITE HEADER BINTERIOR DESIGN   Use the contact form or call us (310.455.2307) to talk about your needs. After we’ve had the opportunity to discuss your needs, the next step is to set up an initial design consultation meeting to view your space with you.  It will be extremely beneficial to know what your furnishings budget is.  We strive to keep the conversations transparent to help both of us maximize our time.  The more information you share with us, the better we can serve you.  At this meeting we will be able to take reference photos and provide you input on some suggested design roadmaps going forward to suit your budget.   Upon review, we will prepare a quote within 3 working days, which will estimate our labour costs and outline the particulars of our business.   The cost of the initial consultation meeting is a flat rate of $150 and usually last about an hour.  If work is contracted with Ava Suren, then the initial consultation fee is applied as a credit to your future invoice.   Keep in mind that your furnishings budget is separate from your design consultation or labour costs.   E.g. The “parts” being your furnishings, the “labour” being our time. We can confidently say that your furnishings dollars will likely stretch further than they would without our services, for two reasons: a) the price you pay for furnishings will be reduced, in most cases, by between 5-40%. and b) we will help guide you to select items that are well-made and classic (in that they won’t soon go out of  style) and therefore have a better long term value to them.  We are not big fans of “disposable” furnishings, unless it’s specifically designed to be changed again in a few years.



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CONCEPTUAL DESIGN  For clients who prefer to do much of the interior design work themselves, Ava Suren offers a conceptual design service. From your photos and measurements we will develop a STYLE BOARD and a SHOPPING LIST including furniture, accessories, paint colour direction, and lighting based on your taste. You can then furnish the space on your own based on your own schedule and budget-flow.  $499 per room 



ava colour pictPAINT COLOUR CONSULTATION – One area of change can make a world of difference to your surroundings – especially when that one change is paint.  It can make property sell faster, moods elevate and stress dissipate. Our focus is on how colour and environment affect your productivity and peace of mind.  It is a great entry level into our decorating services or can be used to put the final touches on your own design work. However, choosing the perfect colours can be tricky. Colours play upon each other, upon the other elements in a room and they change with the light. The way a colour appears on a colour chart at the store will always be different than the way in which it appears on your wall. If you are currently getting advice in the store or over the phone from someone who’s never examined that colour in your house there is really no way they can be effectively advising you!  Perhaps you may wish to rethink your approach.  Let us be your guide, and enjoy the benefit of a little change making a big difference. WE HELP SHOW YOU HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR HOME OR OFFICE USING THE MAGIC OF COLOUR.  $299 per  room (Los Angeles & surrounding areas only, travel fees may apply)



XXX_9025_1353944163_1 2LIGHT FIXTURE CONSULTATION There is honestly nothing worse to us (well, there IS, but we are being dramatic here) than walking into a beautiful space, looking up and seeing a boring light fixture. An interesting fixture adds a whole new dimension to a room.  It can replace the need for additional furnishings, and is as essential to a room as the correct floor covering. It helps to enhance the paint finish (see paint colour consultation above) and works to maximize your other investments such as beautiful art or architecturally interesting elements. The addition of the perfect light not only brings the room together, but gives it mood and depth.  For example, using re-wired vintage fixtures adds character, and certainly will NOT be considered boring!  Allow us to consult on the fixtures for your space. After getting to know your place and your specific needs, we will conduct exhaustive research to bring to light (excuse the pun) the best fixtures for your structure. We focus on function and design and will put forth a recommendation list which you can take action on whenever you desire. It will have all of the details you need.  If you’d like us to, we can even go ahead and procure fixtures on your behalf.  $499 per room.






HARDWARE CONSULTATION Hinges and doorknobs and switches, oh my! We access the finest Vintage, Reproduction and newly designed hardware to offer you exquisite ways of making everyday life just that little bit more enjoyable. Wrapping your hand around a sensuously egg-shaped handle to enter the bath, flipping on a toggled lightswitch with an invisible plate as you set the dinner table for guests, noticing the heavy brass hinges with the delicate finials as you close your vintage solid-wood bedroom door for the night.  Do you fancy Downton Abbey or a Cosmopolitan Penthouse. Whatever the style, let us put the hardware to work for your space. $499 per room. Whole house/workspace by quotation (including outside door hardware/mailbox). Vintage doors by quotation.